Tips N Tricks


Always have excuses ready like i ate in town, college, School, With my m8s and so on. What did you eat? What ever your heart desires!

When people notice a change in your eating tell them your on a Diet or your Vegetarian or better Vegan!

Everyone has noticed youve lost weight, What do you say? um no ive not been tryin i think its because ive been ill i havnt been able to eat much or yea ive turned vegeterian i feel great, so much healthier! or stress/ depression/ busy schedule/ docters got you eating better/ diet pills( only say that if you are truely fat in the normal world size 8 isnt classed as FAT!)

Hide Scales, tape measures, Food Diarys, Thinspo, Food!, magazines with diets and anything you have lying around  your room hide them very well!

Hide weght loss with baggy clothes if you cant do that wear lots of colour clothes, Horozontal stripes and light denim jeans also make you look bigger.

People are worrying about you they confront you about it. What do you say? dont deny everything! say yes i do have a problem i didnt want to tell you because i knew you would worry but i have been getting help im tryng to get better. im sorry i didnt tell you, I Love you :D or say yes i know my eating has changed im just being more health consious thats all ive lost weght because ive cut out crap food and drinking and im excercising more!

When Youve rele been BUSTED! like shes found your food Diary youre thinkin oh SHIT! and she read it then went lookin through your room and found your secret scales so she threw them in the bin and has a total hissy fit! i suggest LIE LIE LIE! any lies you can think of altho you will have to tell some truth if your old enough MOVE OUT! then you can starve for as long as you like with no one gettin in the way and stopping you! or go along with her to the docters depends on how much you weigh tho if ur already underweight i dont sugest that 

Sore throat from bein sick all the time blame it on The Flu or a Cold or Dehydration!

If you SI yourself and you have a huge cut on your wrist say your cat did it LMAO!

Buy food on the way home throw half of it on the floor and bring the rest home say does anyone want the rest of this? im so full i cant eat anymore! people will be stupid enough to think you actually ate it!

If you are forced to eat a meal with the family get a dark cup wich isnt clear when eating chew the food DONT SWALLOW pretend to be taking a sip of your drink and spit the food in the cup. when your cup is full just say im gonna get another drink run the tap and come back with a empty cup! If you have a napkin near you spit food in your napkin, hide food underneath food lol, feed it to your dog under the table.

Dont buy clothes 3 sizes too small then show ur family ur new out fit, when they realise that its too small they will be like WTF!

Try not to be too loud when purgeing if someone hears u, u can only make the excuse i got food poisoning, once.

Purge in the shower no one will hear it still try to keep the noise down tho!



Hot showers rele do fill you up lol!

Have a elastic band on your wrist everytime you goto eat or even think of eating flick it! it hurts like a bitch sumtimes!

Diet pills, Green Tea, Laxatives, Caffine Pills and any pills take them all lmao dont abuse laxatives tho!

Drink a glass of water before you Purge it will help you Throw up (i know its not very nice)

Chew and spit food into a plastic bag make sure you bin it ASAP to make sure no one finds it!

Food youve said uve eaten take it away hide it, bin it, make washing up with it wat ever just DONT EAT IT!

8 Glasses of water a day water has no calories it will fill you up and you wont be dehydrated

Diet Coke or Pepsi MAX the gas inside will seriously fill you up buy like a 2 litre bottle drink that all day!

A Apple a Day Keeps The Docter Away!

if you ate in town take the money out of your purse save it as a reward at the end of the month you might have enough money to buy that cute pair of size 4/00 Jeans you want to wear!

When you start thinking about food make a thinspo book/ website of your own, add pics of girls from magazines write your own tips and diets, Gws, how your feelin that kinda thing!

Punish yourself everytime you eat!

look at the fat girl eating and be disgusted that she can eat that fuckin Mc Donalds!

NEVER STOP MOVING! the more you move the more calories you burn!

DIET Red bull gives you wings and its only 7.5 calories per can

Eat ice cubes or make diet coke/lemonade ice lollys for summer. plus the coldness will boost metabolism.

when you have purged enough times it gets easyier train yourself to contract stomach muscles and you wont ever have to use your hands or a toothbrush to make yourself sick again. GOODBYE SORE THROAT!

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